In October of 1936, N. W. Hutchings was one of the first in the country to package rice in individual, retail sized packages under the name ‘Rice Sales Company’.  Before that, rice and dry beans were scooped up, weighed on a store scale and sold in bags to the end customer. The Rice Sales Company was founded in Mobile, Alabama.

The China Doll name actually came from a contest to name the brand in the 1950’s.  All of our products are grown and packaged in the USA and have been since our founding.  “We are home folks!” was our slogan in the beginning and it still rings true today.

Today we package rice and a wide variety of beans for the China Doll brand as well as the Dixie Lily and Southern Charm brands. Our brands can be found in stores all across the southeastern United States.

China Doll Gold Parbroiled Extra Long Grain Rice
China Doll Long Grain White Rice
China Doll Natural Brown Rice

China Doll Baby Limas
China Doll Tiny Green Limas
China Doll Large Limas
China Doll Ham Flavor Large Lima Beans
China Doll Black Beans
China Doll Small Red Beans
China Doll Pinto Beans
China Doll Ham Flavor Pinto Beans
China Doll Great Northern Beans
China Doll Red Kidney Beans
China Doll Navy Beans
China Doll Ham Flavor Multi-Bean Soup Mix
China Doll Green Split Peas
China Doll Blackeye Peas
China Doll Ham Flavor Blackeye Peas
China Doll Lentils