China Doll Ham Flavor Multi Bean Soup Mix

This product’s ingredients are grown, sown, milled and packaged in the USA.

Ordering/Size Information

UPC Code Package Size Case Qty.
29301 1 lb 12

4 Replies to “China Doll Ham Flavor Multi Bean Soup Mix”

  1. Is this product suitable for vegans if the label instructions are not followed to include meat? Are there any animal products in the seasoning packet?

    1. The seasoning packet does not have any ingredients that are made with or contain animal products. The ham flavor uses corn protein and a vegetable protein.

  2. Would you please clarify that the sodium in these beans included the seasoning pkg. Is the serving size 3 tablespoons of cooked beans? If they are not cooked ,how much does that make? Thanks Betty

    1. Yes the Nutrition facts does include the seasoning pack. Yes the serving size is 3 tablespoons of cooked beans and there are 13 servings in the 16oz bag. thanks

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