Cooking White Rice in the Instant Pot®

  • Measure your dry rice and set it aside
    • We recommend a minimum of about  1 “cup” – as with any good Southern Recipe, use your favorite “cup”
  • Measure the same amount of water as rice and add to Instant Pot®’s inner pot/liner.
  • Rinse rice to remove any surface starch
  • Add the wet rice to the measured water in the inner pot.
  • Lock on the lid, and set the steam release valve to the “sealing” position.
  • Select your pressure cooking time.
    • The “Rice” button on your device is timed for white or parboiled rice only.
  • For other types of rice, set “Manual” to correct time (by pressing “-” to adjust the cooking time) for the type of rice you are cooking
    • For brown rice, select 22-25 minutes depending on your preferences – a longer cooker time will produce a “stickier” rice
  • Let the rice rest for about 10 minutes after cooking is finished before releasing any remaining pressure, and serve.

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